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”An anti-capitalist anthem” - 37FLOOD

"love his stuff so far!" -Bryce G., WCHQ FM

”While the protest themes are killer on this album, those themes are resting on some super chill, feel good beats.”
-Jake Hellman, Never Nervous

Released on November 5th in support of those who fight daily against injustice and inequality.
This album was created using the nearly forgotten art of break beat turntablism. This technique of music making was the catalyst for the early Bronx incubator of American Hip Hop. Funk, Soul, and Disco were the primary records used in break beating; as what was primarily used on this album. Please feel free to chop it up, loop it, spit over it and send it back. We want to hear what you have to say.

Share this album with everyone who fights the good fight.
This is MC Jack's first solo release, although he been making music with the electronic group Team Totoro for 20 years.
Released in partnership with The Electric Church Of The Tambourine in an ongoing series of protest and activist music. All releases in this series are FREE of charge. For more information visit: www.electricchurchofthetambourine.com


released November 5, 2017

Executive Production (and spiritual support) by Prep D. (Thanks Prep for for being a true beliver in me when l thought I had none).
Album Cover Photo (As well as moral support) by Candace S. (Thanks Candace for buying the cat some food when she had none).
Wardrobe by Mike Ratterman (Thanks Mike for buying me that shirt when I had none).

Track Information:

1) No Man, No Nation, No God Owns Me:
The idea, musically, was to use samples from female musicians known -at least in part- for overcoming bias, discrimination, harassment, or for speaking out against discrimination or for equality. Samples include: Lesley Gore's 'You Dont Own Me', Lynn Anderson's 'I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden)', and Bobbie Gentry's 'Ode to Billie Joe'. Also includes samples from the Kidz Bop production of 'Hey Ya!' and Interview excerpts of Jay Thunderbolt.

2) Current Affairs:
Sampled from the Australian news program Current Affair on the Nine Network; interview of ICE-T conducted by Janet Wendt in 1992 and a 2017 statement by ICT-T on the (inspiring) music video No Lives Matter by Bodycount. The idea was to show ICE-T's unwavering stance on injustice in America over 25 years as well as the social reaction (condemned in the early nineties when the media white-washed brutality, and unnoticed today when the world has come to terms with injustice but has yet to fully believe change can occur).ICE-T's comments, although 25 years apart, are almost undistinguishable from each other. Also, the idea was to take ICE-T's message and put it on more 'socially acceptable' sounds; as many at the time condemned Bodycount's Thrash Metal sound (which Hijack is a fan of BTW). Includes samples of Mayer Hawthorne's Just Ain't Gonna Work Out and Sparklehorse's Apple Bed.

3) Truth (Church):
Remix of Alex Ebert's (of Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros) 'Truth' with added lyrics by Hijack. Hijack was inspired by the song being a Western Rap song; as well as the message within it.

4) 3 Ain't A Crowd, Its The Start Of An Army:
Samples from Monterey's Get Down and Nico Vega's Beast.



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